'Foraging For Beginners' Online Program

Learn how to SAFELY gather, prepare and cook hundreds of
unique tastes and flavours found only in nature.

Join foraging expert Chef Robin as she guides you through the best locations for foraging:

  • URBAN FORAGING - Learn how to eat your (or your neighbour's) "weeds". Whether its to make a unique salad, dandelion fritters, clover sprouts or shaggy manes, urban environments offer a lot of free goodness.
  • BY THE RIVER OR POND - from wild berries to labrador tea to wild watercress, these locations offer treats that cannot be found in your local supermarket.
  • IN THE FOREST - learn to master the art of safe plant and mushroom picking in forested areas, including where to look and when to go. We'll show you hot to find and prepare spruce tip team, fiddlehead (fern) tempura and more.
  • BONUS: ALL THINGS MUSHROOM - we are going to show you everything you need to know to be safe when identifying, gathering and eating mushrooms. From chanterelles to porcini to lobster mushrooms, you'll be foraging for these valuable treasures in no time.
  • BONUS: "ASK ANYTHING" FORUM - we know you will have questions, that's why we have an online question and answer forum where you can ask Chef Robin any question at all about foraging.
  • LIMITED TIME BONUS: 12-month access to all upcoming video programs released (such as Foraging in Spring and Autumn).
  • This is an online program (all you need is a computer and internet connection) which includes detailed video training as well as discussion forums where you can ask Chef Robin your trickiest questions.

"Foraging For Beginners"
Online Program: $97.00

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